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Discover how Thermomix can change your life!

Join me to explore a world of Thermomix cooking. Thermomix is an innovative kitchen machine that brings together the functions of over 20 different kitchen appliances, all in one compact unit.

In less than 2 hours, you will experience the versatility of this kitchen machine as we prepare 5 delicious dishes, from starters to dessert for you.

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请和我⼀起发掘Thermomix的烹饪世界,⼀个创新的厨房⽤具,它包含着20 种不同的厨房器具与功能。 在2个⼩时内,您将体验到 Thermomix的多项功能。正如我们从5道菜中所看到和品尝到的,从开胃菜到甜点的美妙佳肴。即将呈现在我们的眼前。 第⼀道菜,新鲜的柠檬汁即将准备就绪,请务必准时,若迟到⼀分钟你将会错过它! 您⼀定会留下深刻的印象!很快我们即将见⾯!

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