3 cloves garlic, peeled

3 shallots, peeled

20 g dried shrimps

100 g chicken fillet, cut into cubes

50 g fish cake, sliced

200 g cabbage, cut into 1 inch length

50 g carrot, sliced thinly

50 g cooking oil

60 g light soy sauce

20 g dark soy sauce

1 tsp white pepper powder

400 g rice vermicelli

500 g water


  1. Place garlic and shallots into mixing bowl to chop 4 sec Speed 6. Scrape down side of the bowl.
  2. Add oil and dried shrimps to sauté 4 mins 120 Speed 1. 
Gently rinse rice vermicelli with water.
  3. Add water, chinese cabbage, carrots, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, pepper to cook 5 min 120°C Reverse Slow Stir.
  4. Add rice vermicelli, fish cake and chicken 4 min 120°C Reverse Speed Slow Stir.
  5. Last 2 mins insert spatula through MC cup hole and stir for a few secs.
 Once it is done, transfer to a plate and mix well.


Top Tips For The Perfect Dish
1. Pre measure all ingredients before cooking.

2. DO NOT SOAK the rice noodles and ensure that you rinse the noodles throughly in Step 2.

3. Do not let temperature drop till below 85°C in Step 4, act fast!! ????

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