400 g medium prawns
200 g pineapple, cut into chunks
1 pc red chili, shredded
30 g oil


3 pcs dried chili, washed & deseeded
20 g garlic, peeled
20 g shallots, peeled


50 g chili sauce
30 g tomato sauce
10 g sugar


1. Devein the prawns, slit the back of the prawns with a sharp knife. Remove head with shell and tail still intact.

2. Place ingredients A into mixing bowl to chop 2 sec Turbo. Scrape down.

3. Add oil and sauté 3 min 120°C speed 1.

4. Add prawns, pineapple and sauce, cook 5 min 120°C Reverse Speed Slow Stir.

5. Add shredded chili and cook 1 min 120°C Reverse Speed Slow Stir.

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