Olivia’s Story

Olivia is a food writer, nutrition advisor and cookbook author. Her life’s mission is all about nurturing healthy habits with the love for providing wholesome foods for the future generations.

Olivia’s lifelong passion started since she began cooking and baking at home at the age of 9. Winning her first school competition in the savoury category at 11 years old, set her on this life journey to learn and create wholesome foods. Her latest cookbook Spoonfuls of Love cookbook won the World Gourmand cookbook awards.

Over the years, Olivia learnt different techniques from various cuisines such as French, Japanese, Thai and Italian. Through her experiences she knew that the art of cooking.

Olivia graduated with a degree in International Business. Passionate about health and children’s wellbeing, she went on to receive postgraduate qualifications in Health & Nutrition UK, Paediatric Nutrition and Fertility Pregnancy from Monash University, Australia. She currently provides baby nutrition and health workshops, cooking classes, and has a successful career as a top Thermomix consultant.

Olivia’s food tastes and cooking influences from a young age is drawn from her Mother, who has a lineage of Chinese Hakka and Malaysian Nonya decent, bringing together vast traditional flavours of both Chinese and Malaysian flavours in her home cooking.

Cooking a well-balanced meal for her family is important, and with the belief that children growing up should be given homemade, unprocessed and preservative-free foods. She loves exploring the process of cooking from raw to finish, which you will find in recipes from her first book Cooking with Olivia – Chinese Flavours.

Chinese Flavours was well-received, an amazing bestseller and claiming global recognition. This book is the perfect addition to your collection with delicious recipes to spice up your Chinese food knowledge.


Chinese Flavours

In this cookbook, Olivia shares her collection of 50 Chinese recipes, from everyday favourites to her own family recipes.


Spoonfuls of Love

Spoonfuls of Love, is a compilation of 60 recipes that are developed in growth developmental stages with nutritional information for children from 6 months onwards.


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